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The Rise of The Eco-Kid

Pester power is reaching ever increasing heights, no longer is it restricted to the supermarket isle over what cereal contains which toy (how I miss those parent/child debates, don’t even get me started on the Kinder Egg fiasco of ’93).

Increasingly what kids are learning in school is now filtering into the house, gone are the days of the time old question from mum’s across the nation “what did you learn in school today?” – kids are telling them strait out – and not pulling any punches, particularly around green issues.

Lessons packed full of hydro-electric-biodegradable-recycled knowledge is bursting out of the classroom and into the living room as kids begin to educate parents about how to become more eco-friendly.

Persil recently conducted some research which showed kids are becoming increasingly more aware about issues of the environment than their parents. They are now running a nationwide search to harness this pester power, with a slightly better reward than a half eaten box of bran-flakes, in the shape of a £3000 Eco-Home Makeover – not too shabby!

They are encouraging kids to make a video of how they are making their home more environmentally friendly, or their ideas for how we can live more eco-aware. You can view the submissions here and I have included the intro video below from the Lovely Phillipa Forrester (you may remember her from Tomorrow’s World?)

Happy eco-movie-making – thoughts on a postcard…