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The Value Of A Blog

So I have finally succumbed to the idea of setting up my blog in a little more personalised state.

So if you head over to http://jamespoulter.co.uk you will find “Sunday Latte Lamentations” in a somewhat under construction phase.

I am setting up on WordPress (hosted by lovely fellow @leesmallwood – a thoroughly decent chap) . Which obviously means a overhall of themes and widgets, but also a re-evaluation of why I blog, what I blog and how I blog.

After a lovely morning spent down in Kent @ Huggies HQ (Client: Kimberley Clarke) meeting some of the UK’s finest Mum bloggers (@glowstars @YoungMummyUk @Kellyfairy to be precise) really made me think.

I started out blogging as a way of documenting my thoughts and poetry that I began writing in a more serious fashion about 3 years ago (hence the title of this blog – spurred by a poem I wrote by the same name). It really was just the thoughts, ideas and melody that roll out of the life rhythm that is being a Londoner. However over time that changed and moulded into what my blog is today, an amalgamation of social communication-marketing-culture thing, with a quasi-Christian slant on the world. Which interestingly is never what I set out to be about, it just kind of happened that way.

After chatting to the Mums this morning it appear that my experience is not to dissimilar to a lot of bloggers out there, we all start with a passion, a realisation that others might give 2pence about our thoughts, and a desire for a connection with those who share that passion, but over time things get in the way that dilute that (SEO, Google Analytics, #tags).

By no means am I saying that this dilution is a bad thing, I think is just inevitable, however I do wonder what it is that keeps people like you coming back to read these musings.

So that leads me back (kind of) to where I began, as I re-evaluate the way I blog I would love to know why it is you read what I write. What topics interest you, what would you like more of or less of? Or do you honestly just end up clicking inanely on whatever tweetdeck serves you up? (I know I am guilty of that).

I am not out just to please the crowd, but if writing, blogging, journeying, or whatever you call it is truly about passions, and a desire for connection, then it’s always nice to know what you connect with, what you are passionate about, what makes you tick.

So please – let me know.

Monday Mocha Musings: Edition 1 – The Art of Acknowledging a Subscriber

Welcome to Monday Mocha Musings:

Welcome to the first in our ongoing series of Monday Mocha Musings. Each monday afternoon we will endeavour to bring you a little tit-bit to chew over on the way home, or for the rest of the week from a guest writer.

This week we kick off with a ditte on the dangers of auto-tweeting, tweetbacks and auto-following on twitter, friendfeed and beyond, from Nurhafihz (@hafihz). A true marketing professional and a forward thinker in many realms on digital PR. Check him out here – http://www.hafihz.com/ or tweet him up.

Now… On with the post!


MMM Edition 1 – The Art of Acknowledging a Subscriber

By NurHafihz

This is what happens when cheap tactics, a lack of proper fundamentals in marketing education and having read a “marketing tip” all mash up:

Personalization becomes Frankensteinish.

I’m talking about replies to subscription, submission, followups. Take for example the Twitter subscription. If you’re like me, and your twitter community is quite a size, you might have noticed this strange phenomenon when you’ve subscribe to some people. You know something is going on when 9 out 10 that you have subscribed reply to you with this template:

Auto-Follow - Killing The fUN?

Auto-Follow - Killing The fUN?

Hello there! Thank you for subscribing! I appreciate your time. Why not follow me at….

What the? I have followed you. Don’t push your luck by asking me to follow your site too. And you might have been remarkable if only you thanked me in that manner. If you used a standard algorithmic auto-reply, shame on you. If that was really you typing, here’s my alternative template for you:

Good <insert time of day he subscribed> , thanks for your support <insert twitter’s name>. I noticed you’re an expert in <insert twitter’s pitch>. What do you think of <insert question> ?

The Meaning: Personalization is a shorter door to bulding trust than frequency in communication. Don’t misuse it.

Thanks to NurHafihz for this week’s Monday Mocha Musing: This post can be found also at @hafihz‘s website – http://www.hafihz.com/school-of-marketing/the-art-of-acknowledging-a-subscriber/

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