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Monday Musings: The Gutenberg Effect

Morning All. Welcome to your Monday. Here are some digital nuggets to sink your little nashers into for the week of March 8th.

Kicking off with a video spotlight: How The Interenet is Changing Advertising.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This cracking little “epipheo” presents captures very succinctley something which as been nagging at my brain for a while. Something I like to call “The Gutenberg Effect“. For me the technological shifts that have truely rocked the world have always brought about a new way of thinking and with that new way, an outburst of creativity has spread like wildfire.

Looking back to creation of the printing press, what Gutenberg achieved was not only a technological shift, but a cultural one that allowed people for the first time to hold the printed word in their hands and read it for themselves. A technology that was a key driver in the cultural shift that ultimately ended up becoming The Reformation.

We have seen this process repeat throughout recent history with the creation of commercial radio springing up from the creativity of HAM radio set users in the early 20th century, and then far more recently in the boom of satellite television. Each has created a shift in the way we communicate with one another. Each has demanded something new of the sender and recipient of communication. With print it was undivided attention. With radio it became a background medium, with TV a shared collective experience.

The internet in general, but increasingly the social web provides a different form of communication. A new kind of shared experience, that is not media specific, time specific or geography specific. An experience that is neither broadcast nor narrowcast. Yet is still a shared experience, but that experience is fundamentally different, as for the first time the way in which that experience is consumed lies in the hands of the recipient, NOT the sender.

This means big things for the advertising and marketing industries. It means a change of mindset, a different thinking is required, as we can no longer control or stipulate that a communication has to be consumer OUR way. But be open to the fact that our communication will be consumed, when, where and how the recipient wants. The sooner that marketers get that this shared experience is a movable typing twittering tubing experience, not a media experience, the better.

More on that in the coming weeks…

in other news…

A fantastic dissection of HootSuite for the unitiated from my chum Gemma Went

10 Great Newbie Twitter Mistakes Made By Businesses from Mike Johansson on Social Media Today

And a great presentation from Coca-Cola on Social Media care of Robin Grant @ wearesocial

My Media Diet: Inhalation…

Maybe I Inhale More Media Than I Realise...

"Maybe I Inhale More Media Than I Realise..."

It has come to my attention that I am literally inhaling media. I know I work in PR, and am a “Generation X”er and all that Jazz. But doing this little log over the past 24 hours is quite startling when you look at it all laid out like this. The little subconscious checks of twitter, the musing of blog posts yet to be written, it wouldn’t suprise me if I start unwillingly speaking in 140 character sentences!

So much of this media has just become 2nd nature, a part of the stream of our consiousness, and so little of it we actually question. Monday Morning. Office. Sit Down. Boot Up. Log On. Tweet. Eat. Tweet Again. Blog. Read. Digest (Digitally & Physically). Google. Email. Tweet Yet Again. Tag It. Digg It. Cast it. Download. Power Down. Go Home.

You get the picture…

So back to where we started – I decided to conduct little survey of my media diet. Consumption. Call it what you will. Let me take you back via the medium of blog (and some wavy scoobie doo effects) to Monday morning…

6:50 AM –  *Beep Beep Beep… THWACK!* Alarm clock knocked lazy from bedside table, rolling over, pushing girlfriend aside reaching for iPhone. Missing iPhone. Rolling back over. Snooze Button. 20 Minutes of Chris Moyles drowning out my dreams and bringing me (not so gently) into the new working week.

7:00 AM – I take a second attempt at reaching for iPhone. More successful this time. Read/Delete Spam.

7:50 AM – On tube now, dive head long into the wonderous hub of investigative journalism that is The Metro… lose interest around page 13…

7:59 AM – Once again distracted by Twitter on iPhone… *silent wish that people would not keep writing “Good morning everyone!” tweets… the old adage rings true, if you haven’t got something nice to say…

8:00 AM – 8:35 AM … Listen to Podcast.

Monday: Friday Night Comedy – Radio 4 (Listen)

Tuesday: Relevant Magazine (Listen)

Wednesday: This American Life (Listen)

Thursday: NPR – Poetry Magazine (Listen)

Friday: Genius Playlist on iPhone… (Info Here)

8:37AM – 9:02Am – As i’m plunged into the darkness of the Jubilee line* (See More…)  and am severed from my 3G connection to the world I revert to a analogue approach in the form of Blue Like Jazz – Donald Miller’s fantastic mini essay series on non religious spirituality… (He blogs here). Until I succomb to the inevitable release of a Amazon Kindle 2 UK Version, paper reigns supreme for sub-terrainian entertainment.

9:10AM – 9:45AM – Arrive at work, bum on seat, Latte in hand, croissant in front of keyboard and all is well. Boot up, Log In, wait for work Email server to get it’s act together, then begin to breathe in 1’s and 0’s in the form of Twitter, Facebook, Hotmail, Google Reader, Delicious Tags, Radian6 (our social media monitoring tool here at Ogilvy) and news source of choice (for usability not politics) Guardian Online…

11:00 AM 11AM jumps out from behind a bush at me, startling me somewhat about it’s urgency in getting through the day. It’s about this time (usually musing over a latte) that the latest round robin email from the London Ogilvy Interactive group catches my attention – usually in the form of a YouTube distraction or some other digital delight. Sip. Click. Sit. Click. Back to work. Wait. This is work.

11:10 AM Check back into the twittersphere… Not much happening. Does FollowFriday do anyone else’s nut in or is it just me! (As an aside it is important to bring to light the troublesome issue that the MacBook – wonderful that it is – doesn’t feature a hash key on the keyboard! Grrrr…)

12:50 PM As hunger strikes (cue the Shreddies soundtrack) heading for lunch deleteding more (and more) spam from personal email on iPhone – ooo. My next LoveFilm is on it’s way… Michael Macintyre! 

13:45 PM – Stomach full, email inbox equally bloated. Quick twitter update before some serious digital digestion takes place, predominantly in the form of some Radian6 fishing and the odd blog inspiration from Google Reader.

2:00-5:45PM –As the sound of the neuvo-classical Flight of The Concordes hit thuds in my head, this point in the afternoon is officially “business time” – (for those of you unaquainted a little help from YouTube can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGOohBytKTU)  The result of which means, that aside from the spiradic twittering and lingering tap of the iPhone, very little goes on here other that – as would be expected – work.

6:00 – 7:00PM – Pretty much a repeat of 7:45 AM – 9:15AM but in reverse order. After a fairly media heavy day I tend to tail off by the time I get home. Suprisingly I still remember how to speak to people face to face! (Those who know me well will know this has never truely been a problem however…)

So there we have it, that pretty much wraps up the day. And sadly (possibly not the case for you routine junkies out there) – most days it’s the same story. Living a truely digitally native life, as one of the first generations to have never known what it is to not have a PC in the house is quite a priveledge I suppose. However this does provoke an almost subconscious dialogue within me, that is constantly thinking of the angle, the wall post, the tweet, a constant desire to replicate my offline life digitally. So how do you describe that? Inhalation. Breathe In.

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Can Twittering Be Taught, or do we all end up Twats?

Around the office in the weeks preceeding Christmas, festive Twittering was running rampant. The clicking of fingers across keyboards embodying the very images of little birds chirping that would have the CEO’s at Twitter HQ salivating more than a dog in heat…

However the post Christmas-blues seems to now have the public tweetstream filled with nothing but vague resolutions and people finally waking up to the concept of tweeting, with idiotic mispelt messages, and information only useful to their mothers.

Which raises an interesting question, how in 2009 are we going to do something interesting with Twitter. As Barack Obama goes on to be President of the US this week, being the only successful user of twitter that seems to have had any significant impact outside of the Social Media Mogul world, the question seems all the more pertinent?

What are we going to do with Twitter. It seems the key issue is that to a newbie, a fledgling digital sparrow about to fly the online roost of more homely, snuggly environments of MySpace and Facebook, the whole Twitter ethos seems to stark a world.

Behind it’s cosy, cutesy image Twitter returns us a communication method much akin to SMS, one that is essential – Rude. There is something terrible offensive at the core of things that if used for a direct communication, you can only be bothered with 140 characters, let alone pick up the mobile phone from which you are most likely tweeting and call the person.

There are obvious applications for the service in the realms of internal communications. This seems obvious. If for nothing more to inform all your staff at once that there is free coffee in the bar, or that its pay day (as if they didn’t know already), surely this is worthwhile? One is yet to see this embraced fully, examples on a postcard… or maybe a carrier pigeon would be more apt?