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Student Radio Awards 2008

So student radio awards 2008, all in all, not bad.

1. Food
Acceptable. Mushy peas as part of a main course being served at a black tie event remains in my mind somewhat questionable, but hey, the northeners in the room seemed smuggly satisfied.

2. Awards
Smoke Radios Dan Roberts bought home best newcomer, and we brought back silver for best station, as well as a bronze for branding. So all in all not a bad haul, however that allusive title of best station remains for now, out of reach.

3. Presentation
Scott Mills 3 out of 5 for comedy, but a B+ for effort.. Fern dirty mouth cotton swore like a trooper, but good effort on looking continually gorgeous. So we let her off for that.

4. Entertainment
Esser – cries of “who” amidst mild accepantce of some d rated indie pop left many questioning where their 60 quid a ticket actually went… I’m yet to be told. The lead singer, who apparently goes by the same, delighted the less than “satisfied” (a rather ironic title for their new album if you ask me) with some if the most excruciating silence (of which there was a LOT) fillers, including the line “it’s amazing to think the next Scott Mills could be in this room” a class A mistake, clearly demonstrating that he had never met 1. Scott Mills or 2. A flegling radio DJ! Grrr…

5. Venue
Indigo2 – alright, however the “purple” lounge upstairs was tighter than most of the arseholes of the BBC and global radio elite, who in this sweaty hotbox where being hounded by packs of overeager, underdressed faces for radio. The old jokes ring true…

So all in all, OK. Better luck next year Smoke Radio.