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sundaylattelamentations is the blogging home page of James Poulter

James was recently appointed as Digital Director at Euro RSCG Biss Lancaster, where he joins to look after digital strategy and planning in the UK for top brands from RBS to Kimberley Clarke.

James previously looked after  Digital Strategy for Ogilvy Public Relations in London, specialising in researching and interacting in the social media space. James has worked with top brands including Coca-Cola, Virgin Media, Nike, IBM, Unilever, TimeWarner and many others.

In his work for Ogilvy James worked on a regular basis with social media monitoring applications such as Radian6, Crimson Hexagon and Visible Technologies and is a member of WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association). He also spends much of him time looking at how social media word of mouth is measured and amplified.

James previously worked as the director of Exodus Media, the podcast production facility. Producing the fortnightly podcast for KOKO , featuring interviews with top bands such as The Automatic, Hadouken, Friendly Fires and LightSpeed Champion. For more information about Exodus Media visit their website.

James is also a poet and Christian commentator and is currently working on his first volume of poems – Sunday Latte Lamentations  – Volume 1: First Roast, which will be published in Summer 2010  (if he can just find someone to publish it!).

James Poulter: CV

NEW 2010 Version: James’ CV As Recommended By Mr Litman of Litman Live!

Litman Live Rates My CV Design

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  1. what’s up with your LinkedIn badge – it just links to the url of the gif for the badge, rather than linkedIn…(for me anyway).

    just saying 🙂

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