Monday Musings: Social Media IS Going Away

Welcome to your monday, here are some musings for the week of February 22nd.

Kicking off the week with a cracker from a good friend of mine, Mr Jeff Pulver.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In this video, (origin) filmed during the Real Time discussion at DLD10 which was held on January 25, 2010 in Munich, Germany, Jeff discusses the way that social media IS going away.

Other cracking reads this week include:

Read about how Facebook Mobile Is Now Bigger Than Twitter from Mr Brian Solis

Find out how 30 publishers are charging for online content from the gentleman Neville Hobson

A thoroughly insightful read from my friend and Ex-Boss John Bell on The Psychology of Influence and Sharing

And to round-up your Monday, get further accustomed with TheWayoftheWeb, and look into whether PR should pay bloggers to post?

That little lot should keep you occupied till Tuesday! Enjoy – J.

4 responses to “Monday Musings: Social Media IS Going Away

  1. It’s an interesting perspective, but not very well grounded.

    I also believe that social media guru’s will have to find new jobs, but not for different reasons (low profile, no transactions high labor cost makes it very difficult to make money).

    However, the success of social media is very firmly supported by the math of networks. This same math is pervasive in things ranging from the way neurons are connected to biological ecosystems.

    That doesn’t mean everybody makes money, but it does mean that it’s too important to ignore.

    – Greg

    • I’m not one to argue with Jeff – mainly because he’s bigger than me, and been around this stuff longer – but I see what you mean. I have this exact predicament – will I need to find a job in the future? Now I would never claim to be a social media guru. I am a communication professional for sure, and specialise in using digital tech to do that in the state of now and the real time internet.

      However, what I do agree with Jeff on, if I have understood him correctly, is that social media is going away, because, we will no longer call it social media. It will just be media. It will just be communications. There will be no differentiating because as Clay Shirky outlines here: Everything will migrate to the internet.

      Cheers – J

  2. James,

    I couldn’t agree more. As someone who has run large online and offline media, I can tell from experience that new possibilities don’t obviate old skill sets.

    – Greg

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