Hunting for Twitter brands for #140conf London!

I will be hosting the brand sessions at Londons 140 Conf

I will be hosting the brand sessions at London's 140 Conf

I’ve been very kindly asked by good friend of the Ogilvy clan Jeff Pulver to come and host two sessions with brands at the London lef of Jeff’s fantastically popular 140 Character Conference.

Therefore I am on the hunt for some ingenious UK brands using twitter for the betterment of themselves, their customers or just mankind in general!

If you are, or know such a brand please send their @name plus a brief explanation to me via twitter or here as a comment so we can start sorting the wheat from the chaff – and try and be original!

The conference itself looks to be fantastic with Chris Brogan joining us live via Skype from NYC and the legend that is Stephen Fry in the room with us on the day! We will also be joined by the likes of Jeff Hayzlett from Kodak and the wonderful Josie Fraser aswell! So we are all in for a treat!

So keep the suggestions coming, and don’t forget to head over the conference site to register.


7 responses to “Hunting for Twitter brands for #140conf London!

  1. Check out

    Sweeping comments on the web and summating will send over some others – but yet again firstdirect leading from the front.

  2. Not twitter but also another interesting mash that generates a PR story.

  3. We have just set up charity140 via tweet-up event Ale 2.0 for the betterment of society in general – i.e. garnering donations of time and resource to deliver social media solutions for small charities with no budget. Would love to chat about it online/offline/on panel if poss. We have a fair few charity clients already and so thoguht we’d do some good for humanity to boot!

  4. Good to highlight what some UK brands are up to on Twitter. I replied to your tweet with some quick suggestions: @virginmedia @VodafoneUK @NHSChoices @Gatwick_Airport @KelloggsUK @BritishRedCross @BritishAirways @nectar

    Purely a sampler but good ones.

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