Wembley Skies

As today is National Poetry Day, here is a little one of my own from the Sunday Latte Lamentations Archive, which I am hoping to include in a published volume someday *sigh*…

Thoughts welcome!

Wembley skies
Arch raised
Ablaze with roars
Of soul’s unfazed
Empty poster boards
Remind to mind the gap
And stay on track
Tell me to keep it down
Not for country or crown
But for peace.
Not much found here
Except the dripping drops
Of inspiration as the
Teams scores for the nation

Another stop passes
One more unmasked station
It’s not my stop
But hearing my destination
A promise of home
Turns into expectation.
So I mind the closing doors
And release the emergency handle.
Focusing on my candle
Stick maker, I forget,
The butcher and head on into
Baker Street, to take my pick
A fleet of franchise
Each providing a new need.

Grabbing my companion in a cup
The beer ad’s ‘wassup?’
Leaves no sting,
A warm sofa seat,
Whose heat I don’t feel.
Just His warmth as the layers
He peels back, reveals
That little bit of His,
That is already mine.
Beyond this congestion zone
Is something more glorious
Not just ‘fine’.
Beyond this groan
Is a place called home.
Not just where the heart is
But where I know and am known..


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