TweetValue – Tweeting Back to 1999?

TweetValue – Tweeting Back to 1999?

A mate of mine back when he was 15, about 6 years ago, bought up a bunch of three letter domains – e.g. (well not that one, but man that would have been a good shout). He sold them off one by one, some for a couple of quid, (that’s pounds to US readers!) some for a couple of grand!

As twitter goes mainstream there seem to be a revival of this .com boom phenomenom, buying and selling of popular twitter user names!

According to TweetValue my username @jamespoulter is fetching $149 USD, compared to upwards of $40000 for @barackobama, however I don’t think the WhiteHouse will be selling that off anytime soon. TweetEvangel Mr. Jonny Ross – @wossy is only worth a meager $849 – and now he’s back on our screens I doubt Jonathon will be selling up his follow spot any time soon.

How much are you worth? Reply here and let me know?


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