So the search continues

So another knock back
Another rejection
Why is there so few acceptance emails
Buy so many to improve your erection?
All I’m asking is for one
Just someone to see this talent
Step back from qualifiations
To see a man trying to pay the rent
They said the world is my oyster
But all I’m left with is shellshock
Trying learn the lessons of patience
With life built on the rock.
I know that Jesus loves me
Of that I have no doubt
He’s got credit no crunch can touch
Enough fight to win any bout
Just wishing he’d give me more
A sign a touch a vision
Until then I’ll stick
With prayer and petition.


One response to “So the search continues

  1. All in good time
    Your talents will be seen
    Without reason nor rhyme,
    You’ll realize it wasn’t just a dream
    But a vision.
    A mission.
    A decision.
    To pursue everything you held true.
    For it is all dependent upon the follow-through.
    So upon your journey, don’t lose faith,
    Instead, recognize that life is all about the chase.

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